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Lyndsey Curtis and Peirs Shepherd are the Optimist Class Captains: 


The Optimist is a fantastic starter dinghy and is a RYA recognised pathway training class.  The class caters from complete beginners to international World Championship events.  The boat can be sailed from around the age of 7 or 8 all the way up to 15.  Prices for boats start as low as £250 to get you on the water and then go all the way up to ten times that.  This means that the Club caters for a wide range of abilities and ages.  Formal training is achieved through:

RYA sailing courses, typically run in the school holidays

- Friday evening training, run on a number of Fridays throughout the year

- Race training

Details of the RYA courses and Summer training can be found in the Red Book.  Please contact the office for details of the Friday evening training or to book on to either the courses or the training.

The Club also runs a packed racing programme with racing most weekends from April through to October.  There are three series throughout the year - spring, summer and autumn.  In addition there are a number of trophy events.  Details of the races are in the Red Book, with starts varying from the Quay, Cobnor or down at Cutmill.  The latter are particularly good for those new to racing.



Optimist Club Champion

Rigging Guide

Tuning Guide

Oppie Class Association

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