Due to the forecast strong winds racing this Saturday is cancelled. However, we remain hopeful that the wind will abate sufficiently to allow racing on Sunday to go ahead but please check for updates here.

Dear Cruiser Members

I have been brought out of retirement, for one year only, to take on the the role of RC Cruisers as no successor  could be found to replace Janey.

Many thanks to Janey for all her efforts on your behalf for the last four years.

You are receiving this email because you are on the list of Cruiser Members currently held by the Club.  Please let me know if you would rather have your name removed from this list or maybe you know of someone who should be added.

Many thanks to John Fletcher for organising the Nab race which had some 17 entrants with more expected on the day.  There was no wind at all so sadly the race was abandoned.  We have decided not to rerun it as dates are getting booked up but there will be another similar race in October round one of the forts and back.

The Cruising section now includes power and sailing boats. All are welcome to take part in our events, socials and talks, as is anyone with an interest in the cruising section . Particularly  those who have retired from boating.

I will be producing a short programme in the near future once I have received the draft which Janey has produced for this year.  

I would like to hear from you if are an active boater and would like to take part in an event or two.  I am also looking for volunteers to run events - I will let you have as much guidance and information as you need for running an event.  A trip to Bembrige with a one night stop over is not difficult to organise.  I know that some Shrimpers are raring to go.

Any suggestions as to what you would like to see this cruiser section do will be gratefully received. 

I should perhaps add that I am not prepared to ask people to organise events in the hope that one or two may turn up as that is not fair on the organisers. I do need some reasonable assurance that you do wish to take part and that you will be there!  subject of course to the weather.

So this year's programme will be tailored to the response that I receive.

Enough of the lecture.  I hope that you all have some great boating this year and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

All the best



Michael Cook

Michael Cook is Rear Commodore Cruisers and can be contacted here

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