Due to the forecast strong winds racing this Saturday is cancelled. However, we remain hopeful that the wind will abate sufficiently to allow racing on Sunday to go ahead but please check for updates here.
Procedures for Running Cruiser Events

1. Entries

A Notice of Event sheet containing details of the event together with sailing and general instructions will be posted on the Club website. It may also be emailed to those Cruiser Owners who subscribe to the electronic distribution list. The entry form will be posted 2 weeks before the event and the entry closed at the end of the Wednesday prior to the event (to enable the OOD to make committed bookings for berths and meals.)

Entries may be made by telephone and/or email to the OOD for the event. Such entries must abide by the above deadline. Entries made by these means are also deemed to confirm the owner’s acceptance of the conditions and commitments detailed in the entry form, and that the owner has read and understood the ‘Event Guidelines and Safety Notes’ posted on the Club Website.

If you are unable to commit to an event within the above timescale you may still attend the event provided you advise the OOD in adequate time, but you will have to make your own berthing/meal arrangements and advise the OOD of such arrangements.

2. Sailing Instructions

BSC races and ‘timed cruises’ are friendly events! It is more important to finish without ‘incidents’ than to win. As we do not have observers or timekeepers, we rely on every skipper to keep correct times and advise the OOD of any infringement of the rules or mistake in the course sailed. The following rules will apply:-

2.1. General

a) Races and ‘timed cruises’ will be conducted under RYA and ISAF rules as modified by these instructions or the instructions issued for a specific race.

b) All normal safety precautions for cruising yachts must be followed.

c) Each boat shall carry a dinghy or life raft capable of carrying the crew.

d) No ensign will be flown whilst racing. It will be lowered at the 5 minute signal before the start of the race and hoisted again at the end of the race.

e) By taking part in any BSC event, the owner and/or skipper of the yacht reconfirms his acceptance of the terms of the Event disclaimer published in this book. The capability and suitability of the boat and its crew remains the sole responsibility of the owner/skipper who absolves the Club from any responsibility for his boat starting or continuing in the event.

2. 2. Handicap (Download Ratings List)

BSC handicap ratings are based upon the Island Sailing Club system and are published on the club website. Ratings are reviewed and agreed by the Cruiser Committee at the end of the seasonfor use during the following year and may be revised during the season. Any revision will take effect from the date when the revision is made.

Any cruiser wishing to compete in BSC cruiser events whose rating is not recorded with the club should apply to the Rear Commodore Cruisers to obtain a rating. If the cruiser in question has a ISC &/or IRC rating, please make it available to assist in allocating a BSC rating. The new entry will then be listed on the website.

An appeal to the Cruiser Committee can be made if there are any concerns regarding the rating.

The Cruiser committee will hear the concerns in person. The decision of the committee will be final

2.3. Course and Time

a) The course and the finishing line will be posted on the entry sheet. 

For races starting from Chichester the start line generally will be between West Pole in transit with Chichester Bar Beacon, and the BSC committee boat at the south end of the line. The start line for races starting from other locations will be advised to entrants in adequate time. The OOD will give an audible signal, which may be transmitted also on VHF:

i) 10 minutes before the start

ii) 5 minutes before the start

iii) at the start.

Visual signals may be used but should not be relied upon.
In the event that Ch 72 is unavailable due to use by others during the start sequence, the start time will be deemed as the clock time stated on the NOE or as notified by the OOD.

b) The time used to calculate elapsed times for results purposes will be the time of the official start. No boat may start earlier.

c) To assist the handicapper in rating evaluation, boats may record their actual start time if they are more than 5 minutes late in starting but their race time will be taken from the official start time.

d) Auxiliary motors must be stopped 5 minutes before the official start time except they may remain running (out of gear) if safety demands this. Should a competitor be late he may motor to the start line and then manoeuvre his boat through 360 degrees under sail only.

e) All boats should monitor the VHF channel advised on the entry list (usually channel 72) from 20 mins before the start until moored after the race is completed so as to receive possible course amendments, shorten course or safety information.

f) Each boat must record its own finishing time as accurately as possible, taking the clock time from the GPS network. The time is to be conveyed to the OOD by SMS text or by VHF radio within 2 hours of the end of the race. No result will be recorded for the boat until this is received.

g) Three starters are required to qualify for prizes.

h) The decision on whether to participate, start and/or continue in an event is the sole responsibility of the skipper, particularly regarding weather conditions. If a boat retiresfrom the race, or does not start, the skipper must notify the OOD, or Club secretary, as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary concern or action.

2.4. Newland Tomkins Cup Series

The Newland Tomkins Cup is awarded to the boat and skipper that achieves the best overall performance in race and timed cruise events (usually 8-10 events).

The scoring system for this series will be as recommended in RYA Appendix A, section 2. Briefly this states the following: -

I. For Short Series, (an event with less than 10 races scheduled) the number of races to count shall be one less than the number of races completed, except when only 3 or fewer races are completed, in which case they shall all count.

II. Place points system.
Each yacht that finishes in a race shall score points as follows:
First place….................................. 0.75
Second place…............................. 2
Third place…................................. 3
Fourth place and thereafter…....... PlaceIII. For yachts that do not score finishing points, points will be awarded as

a) The ‘declared entry’ for the series will be determined by the Cruiser Committee.

b) A yacht that ranks as a starter (rule 50) but does not finish the race shall score points for the place which is one more than the declared entry.

c) A disqualified yacht which ranks as a starter shall score points for the place two more than the declared entry.

d) A yacht that does not rank as a starter shall score points for the place three more than the declared entry.

IV. Lowest points score will be the winner

2. 5. Results

The results of races will be published on the notice board and on the Club website as soon as possible after all Declaration forms have been returned.

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