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Safety Guidelines

What The Document Is About:

Well managed, enjoyable and safe events – these are the key objectives shared by all Club Members, OODs, Race Entrants and Participants in Bosham Sailing Club activities.

The purpose of this document is to provide a guide to achieving these objectives for all Cruiser Races and Rallies organised under the aegis of the Club. The principal section features an ‘Action and Check List’ - listing the tasks and timings involved in setting up and running a cruiser event from inception to completion, and clarifying what is expected from all parties at every stage. 

Where appropriate, reference is made to additional sources of information and assistance, particularly the Club Handbook, RORC/ISAF yacht design & safety equipment specifications and RYA training – all with the aim of ensuring that everyone is fully briefed, properly equipped, competent and insured to take part safely, with minimum risk to themselves and others.

The safe management of cruiser events depends upon the OOD knowing which vessels are entered for an event and their intentions and whereabouts from start to finish. So to complement the ‘Action and Check List’, pro formas are also included for the ‘Notice of Event & Entry Form’ and the ‘Declaration Form’. Besides formalising the racing, they are all important elements of the overall safety management of each event.

Safety management is reviewed as a matter of course by the Cruiser Committee. If you have any points you would like to make regarding this document, please advise RC Cruisers or any member of the Cruiser Committee, so that they can be properly considered and amendments made as appropriate.

Thank you for playing your part in helping to ensure good sailing.


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