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Bart's Bash

            BART’S BASH 2019

Club racing on Sunday 15th September will be part of Bart’s Bash,

the largest participation sailing event in the World, details of which

can be found at https://www.bartsbash.com/.  Please note; this is

purely a voluntary event and those who do not wish to participate

can still compete in the day’s series racing as normal.  

The event will be raising money for the Andrew Simpson

Foundation supporting sailing projects across the globe.

Timings for the day will be:

          12.00    Fast Handicap Summer Series 9 (PYS <1235

          12.10    Slow Handicap Summer Series 12 (PYS>1236)

          12.20    Chichester Scow Autumn Series 2

          12.30     Tideway Series 9    

          12.20    Optimist Cutmill Autumn Series 1

Those who choose to enter Bart’s Bash will have details of the

length of the course sailed, and the time it took for them to

complete it, submitted to the Andrew Simpson Foundation. 

From this information the Foundation will calculate and publish how

competitors performed against all the other participants Worldwide.         

To enter the event please register prior to the day on the Bart’s Bash

website at  https://www.bartsbash.com/sign-up/individual   

selecting Bosham Sailing Club as your ‘venue’.  

Donating to the Charity can also be done using the Bart’s Bash

website https://www.bartsbash.com/

The Notice of Race for Club racing and Standard Sailing

Instructions apply to this event.

Volunteers are still needed to help run this event (details on DutyMan).

RC Dinghies.

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