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The Classic Dayboat fleet is the largest and most popular in the club with a total of some 98 boats presently listed as belonging.  It is comprised of dayboats, rather than racing dinghies in the main, that were seen sailing at least 50, and in some cases many more years ago, together with their more modern equivalents.  They have to be between 11ft and 20ft, including bowsprits if applicable, have a centreboard or dagger board, not a fixed keel and would probably have been seen riding to a mooring in their day.  As a result of the number and the wide range of boats which meet these criteria, the fleet is usually divided into 3 Divisions of Fast, Medium and Slow and brief descriptions of their make-up follows below.

A unique feature of Classic Dayboat racing is that all boats race with a ‘personal handicap’ which is specific to a boat and its helm and crew and which changes with the results of each race.  This ensures that as far as possible all boats have a reasonable chance of winning a race once they have been sailing with the fleet for a few races so that their handicap more accurately reflects their ability and speed.

The ethos of racing with the Classic Dayboat fleet is one of ‘gentlemanly competition’.  The expectation is that sailing and racing should be fun and enjoyable for all participants.  Whilst there is a wide range of skill and ability within each Division, all sailors should observe the racing rules and behave in a considerate and ‘gentlemanly’ fashion so that the more able do not take advantage of or intimidate the less able.  Above all, it is expected that there should never be any need for protests and that any disagreements about incidents on the water should be resolved in an amicable fashion in the bar after the race!  In no way does this prevent some keen racing and many of our helms and crew are extremely competent and fast!

The Classic Dayboat race programme consists of a series of 12 races each year which occur on Saturdays when high tide is around the middle of the day, a warm up race at the beginning of the season and a novelty race at the end for the Trafalgar Cup.  All races are usually followed by a comprehensive de-briefing in the club bar afterwards.  Occasionally there may be some exceptional additional races and both the Bosham and Itchenor Regattas provide specific Classic Dayboat races for each Division.

The current Classic Dayboat Class Captain is Simon Veysey.  The social events comprise an annual barbecue in Mariners Terrace and a Dinner and Prize-giving in November, both of which are usually very well attended.

If anyone is interested in joining the Classic Dayboats or wants any additional information, please contact Simon  at cdbcap.bsc@gmail.com

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