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The predominant boat in the Slow Division is the Tideway dinghy.  These were built originally in the 1950s in Essex and were all clinker with a Gunter rig.  Fibreglass versions have been made since the early ‘90s and Bermudan rig has also been available.  The Bosham fleet of Tideways currently amounts to 30, being a mix of wooden clinker and grp, with fewer of the latter, and a handful of Bermudan masts.  Added to the Tideways are a Thames Estuary OD, a Portsmouth Harbour OD, a Firefly, a Kittiwake and a Salterns Tela.  Whilst not all the Tideways race regularly an average Slow Division turnout in the season would be around 17-20.

Chris Hitchings is the representative for the CDB slow fleet. 


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