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Easter Menu 03 April 2020
BSC Newsletter 2 April 2020
Commander Will King 02 April 2020
Valete 31 March 2020
FREE BEER! - Time Change
FREE BEER! - Time Change
BSC Newsletter 20th March 2020
BSC Newsletter 12 March 2020
Cadet Easter Training 11 March 2020
BSC Newsletter 5 March 2020
BSC Newsletter 27 February 2020
BSC Newsletter 20th February 2020
French Night - Last Chance!
BSC Newsletter 13 February 2020
BSC Newsletter 5th February 2019
BSC Newsletter 29th January 2020
BSC Newsletter 23 January 2020
BSC Newsletter 16th January 2020
Yoga - Please re-send your email!
BSC Newsletter 9th January 2020
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BSC Newsletter 19 December 2019
Purchase has happened 13 Dec 19
Christmas Lunch 13/12/19
Festive Season at BSC
BSC Newsletter 6th December 2019
Staff Christmas Fund Letter
Flag Officers Christmas Dinner
Christmas Lunch - Friday 13th Dec
Flag Officers Christmas Dinner
GAP Lunch - Confirmation
Burhill Sale  timing and funding update
General Meeting for property purchase
BSC Newsletter 22nd November 2019
David "Sid" Howlett - Reminder
BSC Newsletter 14 November 2019
BSC Newsletter 8 November 2019
GAP Christmas Lunch 5th December
BSC Newsletter 31 October 2019
Your invitation to Friday 13th of December
Your invitation to Friday 13th of December
BSC Newsletter 24th October 2019
BSC Newsletter 17th October 2019
BSC Newsletter 10th October 2019
BSC Newsletter 3rd October 2019
BSC Newsletter 26 September 2019
BSC Newsletter 19th September 2019
BSC Newsletter 19th September 2019
BSC Newsletter 13th September 2019
Burhill's Bosham Assets - Update
BSC Newsletter 5th September 2019
BSC Newsletter 29th August 2019
Caribbean Night Reminder!
BSC Newsletter 22nd August 2019
BSC Newsletter 22nd August 2019
Burhill Sale- Update
BSC Newsletter 15th August 2019
BSC Newsletter 9th August 2019
BSC Newsletter 1st August 2019
BSC Newsletter 25th July 2019
Message from Nigel Russell- BSC Regatta
Message to BSC Members
BSC Newsletter 19th July 2019
BSC Newsletter 11th July 2019
BSC Newsletter 4th July 2019
BSC Newsletter 27th June 2019
BSC Newsletter 17th June 2019
BSC Newsletter 13th June 2019
BSC Newsletter 3rd June 2019
BSC Newsletter 27th May 2019
BSC Newsletter 21st May 2019
BSC Newsletter 14th May 2019
BSC Newsletter 1st May 2019
BSC Newsletter 22nd April 2019
Annual General Meeting 2019
Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 11th May 2019 at 11 a.m. ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th April 2019
BSC Newsletter 1st April 2019
BSC Newsletter 25th March 2019
BSC Newsletter 12th March 2019
BSC Newsletter 5th March 2019
Menus for March
BSC Newsletter 25th February 2019
Team Sophie
BSC Newsletter 18th February 2019
BSC Newsletter 11th February 2019
BSC Newsletter 4th February 2019
BSC Newsletter 28th January 2019
BSC Newsletter 22nd January 2019
BSC Newsletter 15th January 2019
Newsletter 7th January 2019
Newsletter 2nd January 2019
Red Books - Letter from the Commodore
The French Lieutenant's Woman
Karel Reisz directed this Harold Pinter scripted adaptation of John Fowles much-loved novel in 1981 ...More
Final Newsletter of 2018
Christmas Staff Fund
BSC Newsletter 18th December 2018
BSC Newsletter 12th December 2018
BSC Newsletter 5 December 2018
BSC Newsletter 28th November 2018
BSC Newsletter 20th November 2018
BSC Newsletter 14th November
BSC Newsletter 6th November 2018
BSC Newsletter 30th October 2018
BSC Newsletter 24th October 2018
Christmas Menu 2018
BSC Newsletter 17th October 2018
Latest News Test
Reminders for the weekend!
BSC Newsletter 9th October 2018
BSC Newsletter 2nd October 2018
Reminders for the Weekend!
BSC Newsletter 25th October 2018
This week's highlights, New Menu, Oktoberfest, Cruisers ...More
Restaurant Email 25/09/18
Restaurant Email 25/09/18 ...More
BSC Newsletter 18th September 2018
Sailing for this week, Training news, Scottish Dancing, Weekly menus, Events for this week/weekend ...More
Another busy Bosham Weekend!
BSC Newsletter 11th September 2018
Bart's Bash, 50/50 Lottery, Weekly Events & Food, Future Events & Attractions ...More
Scottish Dancing 2018
BSC Newsletter 4th September 2018
Classic Boat Revival success! Training News, Bart's Bash, More Autumn Attractions ...More
BSC Newsletter 28th August 2018
Ian Proctor Centenary Rally and The Classic Dayboat Revival, Bart's Bash, Training Opportunities ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st August 2018
BSC Newsletter 14th August 2018
Junior Week Reunion, House News, ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th August 2018
Junior Week, Junior Week Reunion, Bar updates, Forthcoming Attractions ...More
BSC Newsletter 31st July 2018
Spanish Evening, Weekly menus, Junior Week Reunion, CBR, Outboards ...More
BSC Newsletter 24th July 2018
Crew needed!, House news, CBR, Viva Espana on BSC Terrace! ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th July 2018
Bosham Church Fete, Club menus, Cowes Classics Week ...More
BSC Newsletter 10th July 2018
Bosham Regatta, Family Fun Day, Lottery, Cowes Classic Week ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd July 2018
Tideway Challenge, BSC Regatta, Menus, Dinghy Park News ...More
BSC Newsletter 26th June 2018
West. Wit Harbour Challenge, Live Music at BSC, BSC in London, Regatta 2018 ...More
Your personal invitation
Your personal invitation to the Royal Thames Yacht Club ...More
BSC Newsletter 20th June 2018
Paddle sports, summer training, football, live music, Junior Week Reunion. ...More
Bosham Past on Glass
Private Viewing of Bosham  The Past on Glass Friday 29th June ...More
BSC Newsletter 12th June 2018
Club Supper, Bosham Masters, Live music 'The Decades' ...More
BSC Newsletter 5th June 2018
YWDB Open Meeting, Scow National Championships, Bosham Masters, Club Supper, Save the Date! ...More
BSC Newsletter 29th May 2018
Itchenor Regatta, Clarina Cup, Bosham Regatta, WOW ...More
BSC Bank Holiday! 25th May 2018
BSC Newsletter 22nd May 2018
Oppie Friday BBQ, Sophie Ainsworth Talk & Supper, Dinghy Park, New Training Courses ...More
BSC Newsletter 15th May 2018
BPS May Fair, Super Saturday, Club Supper, Sophie Ainsworth Talk ...More
Save The Date
BSC Newsletter 8th May 2018
50/50 Lottery Draw, Club Supper, Nab Tower Race & Dinner ...More
BSC Newsletter 2nd May 2018
AGM, Nab Tower Dinner, Curry Night, Training ...More
BSC Newsletter 24th April 2018
Nab Tower Race & Dinner, AGM, Club Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th April 2018
Finn Open, Casual 2 Course Dining, Club Supper, St George's Dinner, Nab Tower Race and Dinner ...More
Newsletter 10th April 2018
Wine Tasting, Lottery Draw, Training, Sugar Tax ...More
Newsletter 4th April 2018
Film Night, Junior Regatta, Terrace Carvery, Club Supper ...More
Newsletter Update 30th March 2018
Newsletter 28th March 2018
Dougal Henshaw Talk, Bank Holiday Food, Wine Tasting ...More
Appointment of Vice Presidents of Bosham Sailing Club.
Appointment of Vice Presidents of Bosham Sailing Club ...More
Newsletter 21st March 2018
Dougal Henshaw Presentation, Dinghy Park, St George's Day ...More
Newsletter 13th March 2018
Tony Morrow Talk & Supper, Online course bookings, Upcoming talks ...More
BSC Newsletter 1st of March 2018
Dinghy Show, Film Night, Quiz Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st February 2018
Club Maintenance, Dinners, Quiz Night ...More
URGENT! ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th February 2018
Red Books, Quiet Thursday, Upcoming Talks ...More
BSC Newsletter 23rd January 2018
Scottish Dancing, Burns Night, Valentine's Sharing Meal ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th January 2018
Quiet Thursday Supper, Burns Night, Valentine's Sharing Meal ...More
BSC Newsletter 9th January 2018
Invoices, Data Protection, Lottery, John & Jenny Lippiett Talk ...More
Newsletter 4th December QUICK UPDATE
Film Night, Burns Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 2nd January 2018
Happy New Year! ...More
BSC Newsletter 22nd December 2017
From our Commodore ...More
BSC Newsletter 19th December 2017
RYA Day Skipper, Christmas Hours, Dingy Park ...More
Newsletter 19th December 2017
BSC Newsletter 15th December 2017 UPDATE
BSC Newsletter 11th December 2017
BSC Newsletter 5th December 2017
Newsletter 28th November 2017
Newsletter 21st November 2017
Newsletter 15th November 2017
Newsletter 7th November 2017
BSC Newsletter 31st October
BSC Newsletter 24th October 2017
BSC Newsletter 17th October 2017
BSC Newsletter Friday 13th October 2017
BSC Newsletter 26th September 2017
Cruiser Racing, Food on line ...More
BSC Menu Update 20th Sept 2017
Updated Menu ...More
BSC Newsletter 19th September 2017
Barts Bash, Oppie Open ...More
Classic Boat Revival - Press Coverage
Bosham Classic Boat Revival gets great press coverage ...More
BSC Newsletter 5th September 2017
Lottery, New Chef, Royal Yacht Squadron Rally ...More
BSC Newsletter 22nd August 2017
Bosham Regatta, Summer Party, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 8th August 2017
Lottery, Supper, W W Challenge, Junior Week ...More
BSC Newsletter 1st August 2017
Supper, Racing, DutyMan ...More
National 18 Championship at Hayling Island
Bosham's Tom Reid, Nick Philips and Richard Stirrup sail Theorette to victory ...More
BSC Newsletter 25th July 2017
Friday Supper, Get Afloat in Safety ...More
BSC Newsletter 18th July 2017
Open Day, Dell Keys ...More
BSC Newsletter 11th July 2017
BSC Newsletter 4th July 2017
Bosham Masters, Laser Open, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 27th June 2017
Racing, Supper, Rugby ...More
BSC Newsletter 21 June 2017
BSC Newsletter 13 June 2017
East Head Escorted Cruise, Supper, ...More
BSC Newsletter 6th June 2017
Lottery, Supper, Sailing ...More
BSC Newsletter 30th May 2017
Supper, YWDB Open, Bosham Masters ...More
BSC Newsletter 23rd May 2017
Menus, Sailing, Bembridge ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th May 2017
Supper Day Change, DutyMan, AGM ...More
BSC Newsletter 9th May 2017
BSC Newsletter 2nd May 2017
Nab Tower Race, Menu, Feva Open ...More
BSC Newsletter 25th April 2017
Racing, food,dinghy park ...More
BSC Newsletter 11th April 2017
Cadets, Food, Lottery ...More
BSC Newsletter 4th April 2017
Snacks, suppers, sailing ...More
BSC Newsletter 28th March 2017
On Board Masterclass, Film Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st March 2017
Supper, Training, Raptackle ...More
BSC Newsletter 14th March 2017
Suppers, Rugby, Training ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th March 2017
50/50 Lottery, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 28th February 2017
Online Booking, Food, Dell Keys ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st February 2017
Supper, DutyMan, Shackleton ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th February 2017
Friday Talk, Lottery, Menu ...More
BSC Newsletter 31st January 2017
Suppers, Courses,Rugby ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th January 2017
Quiet Thursday, Friday Supper, Training ...More
BSC Newsletter 10th January 2017
50/50 Lottery, Acoustic Project ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd January 2017
Clipper Talk, Acoustics Project ...More
BSC Newsletter 20th December 2016
Opening Times, NYE ...More
BSC Newsletter 13th December 2016
Club Dinner, Childrens Party, Red Book 2017 ...More
BSC Newsletter 6th December 2016
Subscription, Lottery ...More
BSC Newsletter 30th November 2016
Scottish Dancing, menus, lost property sale ...More
BSC Newsletter 22nd November 2016
Suppers, Dinghy Prize Giving ...More
BSC Newsletter 15th November 2016
Menu, Music, House ...More
BSC Newsletter 8th November 2016
Quiet Thursday Supper, Lottery, Friday Supper, Tom Cunliffe Talk ...More
BSC Newsletter 25th October 2016
Quiet Thursday, Friday Supper, Hallowe'en Parties ...More
Join the RYA at a discount
The RYA is offering a 50% discount by joining before 31st Oct ...More
BSC Newsletter 18th October 2016
Scottish Dancing, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 11th October 2016
Quiet Thursday, Club Lottery ...More
BSC Newsletter 4th October 2016
Scottish Dancing, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 27th September 2016
Suppers,Topper Open, Film Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 20th September 2016
Scottish Dancing, Topper Open ...More
BSC Newsletter 13th September 2016
Bart's Bash ...More
BSC Newsletter 6th September 2016
Lottery, CBR, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 6th September 2016
Classic Boat Revival, Suppers ...More
BSC Newsletter 30th August 2016
Suppers, Optimist Open, CBR ...More
BSC Newsletter 23rd August 2016
Double discount, supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th August 2016
Regatta, Suppers and Music ...More
BSC Newsletter 2nd August 2016
Lottery, Supper, Junior Week ...More
BSC Newsletter 27th July 2016
Bar, Suppers, ...More
BSC Newsletter 12th July 2016
Double Discount, Suppers, Open Morning, Laser Open ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th July 2016
Club Lottery,Supper,Open Morning ...More
BSC Newsletter 28th June 2016
Suppers, Opens, Cards ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st June 2016
Supper, WW Challenge, Duties ...More
BSC Newsletter 14th June 2016
Sailing, Quiet Thursday, Supper, DutyMan ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th June 2016
Masters, Lottery, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 31st May 2016
Suppers, Masters ...More
BSC Newsletter 24th May 2016
Supper, Wine, Ball, Masters ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th May 2016
Supper, Talk, Masters ...More
BSC Newsletter 10th May 2016
Supper, AGM, Saturday Evening Talk ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd May 2016
Nab Tower, Ball, Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 26th April 2016
Friday Night Oppies, Masquerade Ball, Friday Menu ...More
BSC Newsletter 20th April 2016
New Red Cards, Sunday Lunch ...More
BSC Newsletter 12th April 2016
Supper, Ball, Training ...More
BSC Newsletter 5th April 2016
Lottery, Suppers, Training ...More
Bosham Ball 2016
Order your Tickets for the Masquerade Ball on 28 May 2016 ...More
BSC Newsletter 29th March 2016
Supper, Training, Junior Regatta ...More
Sarah Ayton Opening
Olympic double gold medallist opens new £125,000 facilities at Bosham Sailing Club ...More
BSC Newsletter 22nd March 2016
Junior Regatta, Food, Club Refurbishment ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th March 2016
Food and Menu, Masquerade Ball ...More
BSC Newsletter 8th March 2016
Lottery, Supper ...More
Important Please Read
Building Works Update ...More
BSC Newsletter 1st March 2016
Good news,Building Works, Scottish Dancing ...More
BSC Newsletter 23rd February 2016
Food, Training, Rugby ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th February 2016
Food, Training ...More
BSC Newsletter 9th February 2016
Lottery, Food, Courses ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd February 2016
Scottish Dancing, Menu, Rugby ...More
BSC Newsletter 26th January 2016
Breeze,Optimists,Courses ...More
BSC Newsletter 19th January 2016
Food, Courses ...More
BSC Newsletter 13th January 2016
Building works, Burns Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 5th January 2016
Lottery, Menu, Courses ...More
Sydney to Hobart: Bowen sisters are doing it
Bosham Junior Week veterans sail around the world to compete in the Sydney-Hobart Race 2015 starting on Boxing Day ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th December 2015
Christmas Carols, Bar Opening Times ...More
BSC Newsletter 8th December 2015
Lottery, Childrens Christmas Party, Cadet Disco ...More
BSC Newsletter 1st December 2015
Menu, Draw, Save the Dates ...More
BSC Newsletter 17th November 2015
Christmas Market, Menu,Prosecco and Prizes ...More
BSC Newsletter 25th November 2015
Xmas Market, Dinghy Prizegiving ...More
BSC Newsletter 10th November 2015
Lottery, Menu, Christmas Market ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd November 2015
Prosecco and Prizes, Film Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 27th October 2015
Halloween Disco and Childrens Party ...More
BSC Newsletter 20th October 2015
Menu,Rugby, Senior Week ...More
BSC Newsletter 13th October 2015
Sport England Lottery Funding for BSC ...More
BSC Newsletter 6th October 2015
Lottery, menu, DutyMan ...More
Bart's Bash Bosham Y&Y
Bosham members once again turned out in force ...More
BSC Newsletter 15th September 2015
Bart's Bash,Auction,Rugby,Scottish Dancing ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th September 2015
Lottery, menu, Bart's Bash ...More
BSC Newsletter 1st September 2015
Classic Boat Revival, Menu ...More
Olympic double gold medallist races against junior sailors
Yachts & Yachting Olympic double gold medallist, Sarah Ayton races against junior sailors ...More
BSC Newsletter 18th August 2015
Supper, Oppie Open, Classic Boat Revival ...More
BSC Newsletter 10th August 2015
Junior Week, Supper, Lottery ...More
BSC Newsletter 5th August 2015
Menu,Bosham Junior Week, ...More
BSC Newsletter 29th July 2015
Food,Training,East Head ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st July 2015
Quiz, America's Cup, Menu ...More
BSC Newsletter 14th July 2015
West Wittering Challenge, supper, training ...More
National 18 English Championships 2015
Andrew Young reports on the National 18 English Championships held at Bosham ...More
BSC Newsletter 7th July 2015
Lottery,Supper,BSC & WWSC Harbour Challenge, YWDB Open ...More
BSC Newsletter 1st July 2105
Regatta,All That Jazz,National 18 Open ...More
BSC Newsletter 24th June 2015
Bens Quiz, Chichester Scow Nationals ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th June 2015
Senior Week, Menu, Dutyman ...More
Senior Week 2015 Training, Racing and Social
Race Training, Drivers and Crew Needed ...More
BSC Newsletter 9th June 2015
DP Grass Cutting,Lottery ...More
BSC Newsletter 2nd June 2015
Nasty Nettles, Guitars, Food ...More
Bosham sailor gets European nod
Cossie Lewis will pit her wits against more than 250 of the continents best young sailors this summer. ...More
BSC Newsletter 26th May 2015
Food, Senior Week, Junior Week ...More
BSC Newsletter 19th May 2015
Food,AGM,Clarina Cup ...More
BSC Newsletter 12th May 2015
Food,Nab Tower,Club Draw ...More
BSC Newsletter 5th May 2015
WOW, Lottery, Food ...More
BSC Newsletter 28th April 2015
Sailing, WOW, Food ...More
BSC Newsletter 21st April 2015
WOW,Topper Mirror Feva Parents Day ...More
BSC Newsletter 14th April 2015
Food, Rusty Racing, Members Reception ...More
BSC Newsletter 8th April 2015
Club Lottery, Food, Marquee Up ...More
BSC Newsletter 31st March 2015
Food,Duties and Cadets ...More
BSC Newsletter 24th March 2015
New caterers, Cadets, Members Reception ...More
BSC Newsletter 18th March 2015
Cadet Regatta, DutyMan, Food ...More
BSC Newsletter 11th March 2015
Club Lottery, Food, Rugby, DutyMan ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd March 2015
Hennings Wine, Friday Night Supper ...More
BSC Newsletter 24th February 2015
Food,Talks and Courses ...More
BSC Newsletter 16th February 2015
First Aid Course, Racing Rules Talk ...More
BSC Newsletter 10th February 2015
Lottery, Training, Valentine's Day ...More
BSC Newsletter 3rd February 2015
General Meeting, Training, Sea Shanties, Rugby ...More
BSC Newsletter 28th January 2015
Quiz, RO Training, DutyMan, Redbooks and Food ...More
BSC Newsletter 20th January 2015
General Meeting, Dutyman, Quiz Night ...More
BSC Newsletter 13th January 2015
Burns Night, Quiz Night, Sea Shanty Evening ...More
Tide Talk at the Club on Saturday 10th Jan at 18.00 followed by supper ...More
Festive Christmas Lunch,Double Discounts at the Bar,New Years Eve ...More
Lottery Draw, Christmas Lunch, Carols by Candlelight, Childrens Party ...More
Decorating your Club for Christmas, Children's Christmas Party, Cadet Disco ...More
BHUL, Roast Lunch, Film Night, Working Party etc ...More
Save the dates, Lottery, Club Dinners, ...More
Dinghy Supper, Club Lottery, Quiz Night, First Aid Course, Laying Up Service, Locals Supper, Remembrance Day Service, Miranda's Marvellous Meals ...More
Dinghy Supper, Remembrance Service, Village Supper & Film Night ...More
Bridge Night, Trophies & Training ...More
Halloween, Emma's hibernation and much more ...More
BSC rises to the Bart's Bash Challenge
Fiona MacFarlane reports on the events of 21st September 2014 ...More
David "Freddie" Carr is a member of the Ben Ainslie Racing Team ...More
Carol & Mike's Big Adventure
One year on and deciding to live in Grenada for a while ...More
Gavin has a new Toy
The Club have purchased a tractor to replace Gavin's Landrover ...More
Bosham in Cayman
Eight Bosham Members visited the Cayman Islands Sailing Club to race against the locals. ...More
Training News
Fast & Medium Handicap and Chichester Scow coached racing sessions ...More
Bosham Sailing Club Newsletter March 2014
This is the latest Bosham Sailing Club Newsletter ...More
Blue Dolphin Arrives In St Lucia
After 23 days and 9 hours the crew crossed the finishing line in Rodney Bay. ...More
Sailing to Brazil
Chris Crocker and Ursula Westmacott left England in 1979 to sail to Brazil on the 42-foot Spero. ...More
Anna wins Admirals Cup Sailing Regatta in India
Sub-Lieutenant Anna Woods (nee Perkins) of Bosham finished individual first ...More
Events in December
We have lots to look forward to in December. Please make sure these dates are in your diary! ...More
Cadet Prizewinners 2013
2013 has been another year of great sailing at BSC ...More
National nod for West Sussex's Champion Sailing Clubs
Bosham SC is one of the sailing clubs nationwide benefitting from the RYA Champion Club programme. ...More
Carol & Mike's Big Adventure
D-Day has arrived! Carol & Mike Gorvett are now sailing Blue Dolphin in the ARC 2013. ...More
Voyage around Great Britain
Mike Brooke has published an account of his voyage around Great Britain ...More
Latest Dinghy Newsletter
Dick Pratt's Latest ...More
National 18 news
National 18 news ...More
Our New Club Secretary
Steve Shaw will be joining us in the role of Club Secretary from 1st November 2013 ...More
Bosham 18s racing on the Thames
Works at Bosham Quay
Updated: Quay can now be accessed from Shore Road at weekends ...More
Regatta Press Report
From Chichester Observer ...More
Club Secretary Advertisement
CDB Race 8 & 9 Reports
Medium Handicap Reports ...More
New Chairman For Chichester Harbour Trust
The chairmanship of Chichester Harbour Trust is now in the distinguished hands of Bosham member, John Nelson ...More
National 18 Championship 2013
Winners and photos of the National 18s ...More
Tideway National Championships at Bosham
Yachts & Yachting 29 June 2013 ...More
Yachts and Yachting report
It is easy to forget that the Bosham Classic Dinghy Revival Meeting is still only in its third year of running. ...More
Classic Boat Revival wins award
Classic Boat Revival wins 'GetOutAndSail' initiative run by Yachts and Yachting, with £1,000 worth of additional prizes ...More
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