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After 23 days and 9 hours the crew crossed the finishing line in Rodney Bay.  The first land they had seen since leaving Las Palmas on 24 November.  They were met by the crew of HEBE who came out on their tender.  Sephina were on the dockside cheering them home and the crew’s families were waiting for a long awaited hug.

It was a tough trip, much harder than any of them had anticipated but they had made it!!!  Time for a rum punch – in the pouring rain.

Awards as follows:

Best cook  - Kathy

Ace provision manager (and treat dispenser)– Sally

Mr fix-it – Mike

Member of crew most relied on – George

It was an experience of a life time that none of them would have missed and will never forget.  As skipper of the boat, Carol says a big, big, thank you to all of them for helping her achieve her ultimate sailing achievement (so far!).

Carol Gorvett (Big Sister)


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