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Dear Parents,

2013 has been another year of great sailing at BSC and it's fast coming to an end. As thoughts turn to Christmas and New Year, we will be celebrating the successes and efforts of our cadets at the Cadet Prize Giving on 14th December at 17.00hrs.

There will be very many prizewinners and the cadets love being there to show their support so please bring your cadets along. Below is a list of those getting an early Christmas present from our special guest, an RYA squad member.

In keeping with the festive spirit the Over 13's Cadet Disco starts at 21.00hrs on the same evening and all the over 13's and their friends are welcome. It's a great start to the social whirl of a BSC Christmas with tickets available at the bar in advance or on the door.

It is parent power that enables BSC to run so much for the cadets so thank you to you all for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all on 14th December. The bar will, of course, be open for prize giving!

Best wishes,

Simon Radford

Mirror, Topper and Slow Handicap - Spring Series
1st Matt Russell
2nd Harry Anson
3rd Lucy Anson
4th Charlie Knottenbelt / Will Knottenbelt / Cam Grant

Optimist Early Series
1st Robert Russell
2nd Dom Gogarty
3rd Rosanna Hempeil

Rythe Trophy
1st Sophia Harper
2nd Dom Clark
3rd Charlie Knottenbelt
4th Harry Hoolahan

Optimist Easter Egg Series
1st Robert Russell
2nd Patrick Mayhew
3rd Felix Kent
Mirror, Topper & Slow Handicap Mayday Weekend Series
1st Joe Stirrup & Jonny Barnes
2nd Matt Russell
3rd Kit Chapple
4th Flora Windebank
5th Ben Heber
6th Harry Hoolahan

Cutmill Trophy
1st Cossie Lewis
2nd Dom Gogarty
3rd Robert Russell
4th Rosanna Hempsell
5th Ella Stewart

Optimist Cutmill series (Reynolds Bell Trophy)
1st Felix Kent
2nd Seb Tomlinson
3rd Tom Reed
4th Cossie Lewis

Mirror, Topper and Slow Handicap Summer Series
1st Joe Stirrup / Johnny Barnes / Cam Grant
2nd Matt Russel
3rd Robert Russell
4th Lucy Anson
5th Charlotte Barnes / Lilly Potts
6th Harry Anson

Optimist Summer Harbour Series
1st Sebastian Tomlinson
2nd Patrick Mayhew
3rd Felix Kent

Mirror, Topper & Slow Handicap Whitsun Weekend Series
1st Charlotte Nuttall
2nd Harry Hoolahan
3rd Sophie Norman / Pheobe McKeand
4th Ben Stirrup / Katie Hall
5th Jess Sleep
6th Alex Martin/ Kit Edgecumlier

Optimist Whitsun Weekend Series
1st Cossie Lewis
2nd Dom Gogarty
3rd Patrick Mayhew

Mirror, Topper and Slow Handicap Autumn Series
1st Charlotte Barnes and Lilly Potts
2nd Alice Curruthers
3rd Hamilton Forbes Lane
4th Harry Anson
5th Lucy Anson

Optimist Autumn Series
1st Felix Kent
2nd Will Timberlake
3rd Phoebe Duncan-Duggal

Hobby Cup
1st Cossie Lewis
2nd Archie Gibbon
3rd Harry Anson

Other prize winners are:
Sophie Hempsell
Harry Anson
Cossie Lewis
Jonny Barnes
Lilly Potts
Matt Russell
Alice Curruthers
Katie Devey
Hamilton Forbes-Lane
Joe Stirrup
Jonny Barnes
Robert Russell
Ben Stirrup
Katie Hall
Dom Lewis
Sophia Harper
Lucy Anson
Charlie Knottenbelt
Will Knottenbelt
Florrie Manzoni
Scarlett Manzoni
Charlotte Barnes
Hattie Vessey
Olivia Creber

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