Dutyman is now open until the end of August for Volunteers
Race 8

A long course was set in marginal winds;  at the start it was close to the 20 knot maximum and as the fleet got out into the harbour the wind seemed to stay firmly at the top end of the 'teens'.  Down to Lowles for a long beat to windward and Gryphon just stretched out and was well first at the turning mark with Annabel close behind and Yellow Peril and Debutante making the lead pack.  Back up harbour via a leg up and down the Thorney channel saw Gryphon and Annabel increase their lead.
In the followers there was a good tussle with Titania, Muriel, Piu Mosso, Gull and Pirana battling for the best place.  Pirana had sensibly reefed and this held her back but saved breakages. Dragon held on to finish in fifth place over the line, but with the handicap system we are using this year it was Titania, finishing sixth over the line who was the winner on handicap - very biblical - and so those who are last shall be first and........   next race
Race 9
A great turn out of 20 of us came to the start in great conditions, sun and 15 knots of breeze.  Just to make sure that we all could understand the course our Captain had decide that one mark was as much as we could cope with so it was down to Thorney, in any way that you cared, and then home to the Quay Line.  Lots of place changing as the fleet tacked down harbour but by the windward mark Miley and Doubloon, both rare birds this season, were setting a commanding lead which they held onto all the way home though Annabel, Yellow Peril, Frin and Muriel were all chasing hard.  And so to the last part of the verse from Matthew..... and those that are first shall be last (particularly if you fail to sign off - Gull please note for future races!!)
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