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Home / Join Us / Membership Renewals
Home / Join Us / Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

Your step-by-step guide for the renewal process

*Last year we introduced GoCardless as our new online Direct Debit provider, primarily to manage any memberships paid by instalments. If you have previously set up GoCardless online via the Bosham Sailing Club website, you will NOT need to do this again.

If you would like to set up GoCardless, for example if you have recently joined the Club or have been asked to by the BSC office, please see the instructions below.

1) Set up GoCardless

GoCardless is an online Direct Debit provider with a secure set-up process that allows members to pay both easily and safely for their subscriptions by instalments, should they choose to spread the cost over the course of the year.

It can also be used as a payment system for Club bookings, which would be submitted to be taken in full from your bank account at the time of booking. You can still pay in the normal way using a credit card as payment at the time of booking should you wish.

For GoCardless to be activated on your account, all primary members must sign up. Instructions on how to set up GoCardless can be found here.


A primary Member is generally the main point of contact for a joint or family membership. This is assigned at the time of creating your membership from the details supplied in your application form.

Confirm your renewal for membership subscription and Dinghy Park fees etc.

Once you have set up GoCardless (*should this apply - see above) we then require all primary members to confirm their membership subscription tariff. These tariffs have changed slightly for 2024, with the update to the Scale of Charges, and the system should have assigned you to the relevant membership category.

We have tried as best we can to double check these, however if anything is amiss or you have a question, please do get in touch by emailing

Instructions on how to confirm your subscription can also be found below.

Checking and confirming your Membership renewal

Go to the BSC website and login -

This will take you to the renewals page, if not click 'renew' in the grey menu to the right of the screen as indicated by the arrow below.

In this example you will see a few things:

  • Your current tariff - which describes the subscription tariff you were on for the last year.
  • Renew to - the subscription bracket you will be on for the coming year
  • Cost - the cost for the coming year.

If you agree that this is the correct tariff, click the white tick box to the left of the back box as indicated by the circle. If you have any query, click the circle to the right and contact the office by email on

You will see at the bottom of the page berths/ boat park renewals section. This example does not have a dingy park space so it is blank. If you do have spaces, the details will be here and again you will need to click the white tick box to the left of the back box as indicated by the circle, if you are in agreement.

When you are happy to renew click the grey button 'Renew selected' at the bottom of the screen indicated by the red arrow.

You will now be taken to a confirmation page which lists your membership and dinghy park space if applicable.

You need to confirm whether you want to pay either in a single payment or if you want to pay in instalments. To pay via instalments, you must register with GoCardless (our Direct Debit provider). Just tick the relevant box in "Payment options" as indicated by the red arrow and then click the green button 'confirm choices' . If you have changes to make click 'make changes'

That is it, you are done and no further action is required.

If you want to see the schedule of payments in the members hub area click on invoices in the grey menu to the right as shown below. You will see an invoice with the status 'Will be paid by GoCardless'.

If you click on the invoice number underlined in blue it will open up the invoice with the full schedule of payments, assuming you are paying in instalments (illustrated) or the one off payment and date that will be taken from your account.

Last updated 12:02 on 15 November 2023

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